What does it mean to be present? What does it mean to experience the world only through the process of creating an enduring record? This 16mm short is a reflection on the relationship between photography and memory and my first analog film project.

Geometries of Moholy-Nagy

Comparing geometries in a painting by Moholy-Nagy with similar ones in his sculpture, Light Prop for an Electric Stage, using vector tracing.

My First Time…

A gestalt of retro aesthetics featuring personal anecdotes about early experiences with the internet from the Berkman Klein Center community. What was your “first time” like?

Cold Storage

In a refrigerator upon a hill nested in a dense forest within a guarded compound—cherry pickers launch skyward to retrieve from the Harvard Depository’s 10 million books, films, papers, & microforms. A film and interactive website about the future of libraries in dialogue with Alain Resnais 1956 documentary, All the World’s Memory.


As a 5-foot 6-inch individual, I spend much of my day looking up. One day I asked myself, what would it look like to look up at me as I look up and what the vantage of looking up could add to looking at everyday objects and activities. Like what about the perspective looking up as the last drop of coffee at the bottom of a coffee cup?

© 2017 Cristoforo Magliozzi