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  1. Bob June 22, 2020

    Hello Chris,,
    Jacob Sherburne referred me to reach out to you. After thirty years in the TV business, I have decided to follow my lifetime dream and produce a full length film and can use your talents. It is a non-union, ROM-COM with an alien invasion. Jacob has already come up with some really funny alien voices.
    The plan is to start shooting (allowing for safety) next month and finish by years end. We will (whenever possible) accommodate everyone’s availability and would probably be mainly on weekends. Shooting in NH or MA. There will be formal contracts allocating each cast and crew member an exact percent of profit, once picked up by a streaming network. While success is never a guarantee, we have a great chance of success. The project does promise to be very funny. There are already lots of great, talented folks involved for you to meet. Please let me know what other questions you have and if you are interested. We currently have a short film accepted as a finalist in the Long Island International Film Festival. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Gilbert Entertainment
    617 347-8824

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