Cristoforo is a filmmaker, researcher, and designer who hopes to promote social change through multiple modes of art that encourage community involvement.

Cris believes that stories can demonstrate ideals as attainable when they make successful precedents visible. In addition to documenting what is, stories can ask us to ponder plausible what ifs. Stories may have the greatest impact when they’re not only told for audiences with influence, but also created with collaborators whose first-hand perspective lends grounding and whose participation gives them agency.


Following a BA in literature from Harvard College, Cris has worked variously for non-profits, federal government, startups, and in academic research. His adventures have examined micro-finance in Ghana, engendered actionable steps to resilient healthy living through online content at Greatist, unveiled candid Presidential interactions behind-the-scenes at the White House, looked from Techstars’ perspective at the growth and development of young startups in an incubator program, and investigated the challenges of attention and curation with abundant media in the modern day.

Following his time as a principal with metaLAB (at) Harvard, a media-making research and teaching unit, Cris is currently enrolled as a fellow and MFA candidate in film production at the University of Texas at Austin.



The logo seen throughout Cris’ work is influenced by a combination of Leonardo’s mirror writing and the signature of engraver Albrecht Durer, who inset his last initial within his first. It represents an abstract eye with the “M” as the pupil. Initially used to sign his paintings, Cristoforo now uses the symbol to mark all of his work.