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Piano Accordion Diagram


Dreaming Up


Geometries of Moholy-Nagy

With Guns, Come Responsibility

My First Time…

metaLAB website



Red, Green, Blue: Color-separating Time

Futurist Bicycle Sketch

Portraits of a Canadian Couple in America

Portraits of my Father

Bialetti Moka Brikka



Palimpsest: A History of the Written Word

Daniel A. Gross Website

Feral Trees

Digital Archive of Japan Disasters



Cold Storage

Book a Nook Logo

Eye of the Storm

Cold Storage Website

Library Beyond the Book Website

What is Curarium?


Breaking Boston’s Red Line

Beautiful Data Logo

Border Cuts

A Memorable Encounter

Thinking Minds

Cold Storage Trailer

The Library Beyond the Book Playing Card Deck

The Cleaning

My Harvard Housing Experience

Not a Crematorium for Books, But a Receiving Tomb

Sailing the Ship of Theseus Through Shadows of Pale Fire

Fetchnotes. Simple.

Meet the Startup Institute

Why You’re Overthinking Your UI/UX

Favecast: Share and Discover Great Places

God Bless America Beatbox Experiment

Chroma Contacts App

Open for Business Logo

Open for Business Documentary

This is What Democracy Looks Like

Ghost Multimedia Installation Project

Sloth Sculpture Lamp

Careport Logo Design & Branding

Ovuline Smart Fertility Kit

Work at the White House

Capitol Building

Walking in a New York Wonderland

Running Form in 30 Seconds

Does Turkey Make You Sleepy?

Do Not Feed the Squirrels

Game of Thrones Beatbox Experiment

Microfinance in Ghana

Ghanaian-influenced Portraiture

Branch Out Mural

Portrait of Yara

Portrait of Bono

Spinning Top

Honest Abe

Portrait of Fahmi


Modified Book Project

Spartan Bust

Scenes from Italy

Portraits from Italy

Pyramidal Magnetic Gameboard

Spook Hoot

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