Geometries of Moholy-Nagy

Comparing geometries in a painting by Moholy-Nagy with similar ones in his sculpture, Light Prop for an Electric Stage, using vector tracing.

With Guns, Come Responsibility

What does it take to make one feel the weight of personal responsibility? I believe it takes a situation where one can be confident that a personal decision to act, or not, will ultimately affect some outcome. I reflect on this theme today as I have moved from Massachusetts to Texas and commence a master’s program of study at a University which will allow concealed carry for the first time this fall semester.


Sources of ongoing inspiration and guidance.


Red, Green, Blue: Color-separating Time

Experimenting with color channels to separate temporal frames.

Futurist Bicycle Sketch

A bicycle in motion, tends to stay in motion—and look blurry to the stationary bystander.

Bialetti Moka Brikka

Charcoal on acrylic of a Bialetti Moka Brikka. The Brikka is distinct from the more well-known Bialetti Moka Express, in part, due to an additional pressure valve that operates on the steamed liquid like putting a finger on the tip of a garden hose. The result is a coffee with a rich crema on top.


This image was made by dipping a marker into water to diffuse the opacity of the ink and then using the marker like a brush. This image was created while generating imagery for an animation for the Japan Disaster Archive and seeking an aesthetic in homage to the Japanese sumi-e tradition.

Thinking Minds

Playing off M.C. Escher’s Drawing Hands, I was captivated by the notion of one mind feeding into another. It began as an exercise in expressing reflexivity, but as I continued I was drawn by its ability to suggest all the ways we manage to link our minds to each other and transfer information through through language, […]

Not a Crematorium for Books, But a Receiving Tomb

People verily recall the Library of Alexandria for its eventful burning, but how many wonder whether also engulfed were the 48,000 duplicate scrolls remotely stored in the Egyptian quarter’s Temple of Serapeum? Such offsite holding was certainly on the mind of 1902 Harvard’s President Eliot: “I am not proposing a crematorium for dead books, but only […]

Sailing the Ship of Theseus Through Shadows of Pale Fire

In 1962, Vladimir Nabokov’s Pale Fire cheekily fronted a 999-line poem by the fictional John Shade—a poem to which the forward and footnoted commentary by his self-appointed editor, Charles Kinbote, enters the more compelling narrative at the margins. While this notion of metafiction is nothing new, in the expanding era of ebooks, a more visceral metafiction has […]

Why You’re Overthinking Your UI/UX

My colleague Rohan Puri and I were invited to the Harvard Innovation Lab to discuss our reflections on simplifying interface design.

God Bless America Beatbox Experiment

In the summer of 2013, I was experimenting with beatboxing and integrating sounds I had recorded. This example uses audio from the fireworks in Boston for the Fourth of July as well as gun fire from the Fourth of July parade in my hometown of Burlington, Massachusetts.

Sloth Sculpture Lamp

This project was made with materials lying around the house. First, I took an old coat hanger and warped it over an old t-shirt and bound it with twine. The hanger was used to make hooks that I measured to fit into a screw-apart desk lamp frame. Then I created a mixture of flour and […]

Capitol Building

Acrylic on canvas. Painted while living in Washington D.C., just down the street from the Capitol Building.

Game of Thrones Beatbox Experiment

Back in 2011, when I was traveling in Ghana with a film team making videos about the microfinance, we often faced power outages and surges where we stayed for a time just outside of Accra. During one such occasion, my laptop computer had some battery life, and I passed the time in my room recording […]

Ghanaian-influenced Portraiture

While in Ghana, though working principally on cinematography with a team profiling the micro-finance work of Opportunity International, I began drawing various influences from the art, symbols, masks and geometric forms I was seeing around the country. This resulted in a portrait series of some members of the team as I experimented.  

Branch Out Mural

Branch Out Latex paint on fabric, 9’ x 5’ This mural was created for the Currier House undergraduate residence at Harvard College during my time as an undergraduate with the following rationale behind its design an implementation: With the proper drive and inspiration at Harvard, there are many sprouting opportunities for learning and personal growth. Growth […]

Portrait of Yara

Digital Portrait made with Wacom Tablet in Photoshop.

Portrait of Bono

Spinning Top

Painted after seeing Inception and realizing that the name of filmmaker Dziga Vertov was a pseudonym which roughly translates as “spinning top.”

Honest Abe

11X14 acrylic on canvas. 2010.

Portrait of Fahmi


This painting was down entirely with my fingers using oils. I had seen some oil finger paintings in Italy during a trip immediately prior to painting this and was inspired to try the technique myself.

Modified Book Project

A senior-year design assignment in high school, the objective was to take an existing hardcover print book, in my case, Dante’s Divine Comedy, and to modify its pages with experimental spreads. My book centered on my explorations of family history and Italian heritage and included illustrations, photographs, collage, painting, and mixed media work. Below are […]

Spartan Bust

This was the first sculpture I ever made larger than the palm of my hand. Unfinished, but rendered to this state towards the end of my senior year of high school. No reference photo was used, but the head was built up trying to replicate each layer of human structure from skull to muscle tissue […]

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