[Name Logos] David

The first in a series of minimalist logos that utilize the form of peoples’ names to illustrate their occupations.

Piano Accordion Diagram

There are chromatic accordions with buttons on both sides and there are piano accordions with buttons on one side. This diagram was an attempt to indicate the layout of both halves of a piano accordion including the Stradella Bass system on the button side. 

Geometries of Moholy-Nagy

Comparing geometries in a painting by Moholy-Nagy with similar ones in his sculpture, Light Prop for an Electric Stage, using vector tracing.

Book a Nook Logo

Book a Nook consists of a digital toolkit for enabling the public’s use of the community spaces found in public libraries. The project aims to increase the offsite visibility of physical library spaces and to streamline reservations through the use of an open API. It also explores how libraries can leverage patron use data to inform the design and evolution of their physical spaces.

What is Curarium?

Curarium — what is it? Even if you pegged it as an aquarium for curating, what exactly does that mean? To point out some of the features and functions that Curarium enables with various types of collections, I put together this animation for the metaLAB at Harvard.

Breaking Boston’s Red Line

Playing with subway map aesthetics has long been an interest of mine, factoring heavily into some of my design for Ovuline among other projects. My interest stems in part from an interest in depicting networks and part in an interest in nonlinear storytelling. Subway lines are full of optional connections and branch divisions at what […]

Beautiful Data Logo

A question arose when the metaLAB was granted support by the Getty Foundation to host a workshop for a diverse, elite group of curators, scholars, and technologists to consider the turn to openness in museum collections and the metadata that order them. Actually many questions arose, but as a designer I wondered how to create a […]

The Library Beyond the Book Playing Card Deck

The Library Beyond the Book is a publication in the metaLABprojects series authored by Jeffrey T. Schnapp and Matthew Battles that combines investigations into the storied history of libraries with insights into emerging social, cultural, and architectural forms. Within the book’s margins are a series of provocations of varying degrees of practicality and fantasticality as well […]

Why You’re Overthinking Your UI/UX

My colleague Rohan Puri and I were invited to the Harvard Innovation Lab to discuss our reflections on simplifying interface design.

Chroma Contacts App

Chroma is an app that allows the user to access contacts by means other than name and also to passively share those contacts with friends or networks. Looking for whats-his-face, that designer you used, but can’t remember his name? Search by tag. Want to see who your friend used for a babysitter but you know she’s […]

Open for Business Logo

The logo above was created for the Open for Business documentary about immigration reform. It is intended to convey the notion of people left to wait outside a door. Being this figurative door is the opening of the United States to immigration, it has a very large keyhole, which stresses the need for Congress to draft […]

Careport Logo Design & Branding

  CarePort is a company that enables hospitals to identify and connect with high quality post-acute care providers and was incubating at Techstars Boston in the fall of 2012 under the name “Med2Bed” with colors fashioned after greens and oranges in vogue during the 70s. Being that the company was oriented towards B2B sales, I felt […]

Ovuline Smart Fertility Kit

Ovuline uses data to help couples conceive faster and have healthy pregnancies and was incubating in Techstars in the fall of 2012, when they came to me with the challenge of creating a temporary look for labeling the items in their fertility kit while they were transitioning to a a more elaborate re-branding to initiate […]

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