My First Time…

A gestalt of retro aesthetics featuring personal anecdotes about early experiences with the internet from the Berkman Klein Center community. What was your “first time” like?

metaLAB website

I developed metaLAB’s website off of WordPress, creating a custom css template and altering the native php¬†for displaying different metadata for various kinds of posts.

Daniel A. Gross Website

A fairly straightforward one-page website made for journalist, Daniel A. Gross.

Cold Storage Website

An interactive multimedia archive and playful landing page hosting my short film, Cold Storage.

Library Beyond the Book Website

A straightforward one-page site outlining information about The Library Beyond the Book and the playing card deck and Cold Storage film offshoots. I coded the website (with javascript implementation of the shuffling cards by colleague Jessica Yurkofsky), designed layout and implemented graphic design for the playing card deck (repurposing graphical elements designed by XyStudios for […]

Ghost Multimedia Installation Project

A database documentary made in collaboration with Jeffrey Schnapp and exhibited at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art as part of the Host & Guest Exhibition.

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