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CarePort is a company that enables hospitals to identify and connect with high quality post-acute care providers and was incubating at Techstars Boston in the fall of 2012 under the name “Med2Bed” with colors fashioned after greens and oranges in vogue during the 70s.

Being that the company was oriented towards B2B sales, I felt the rhyme scheme and text-message 2 were not quite tonally appropriate for their audience, nor communicative, as both the post-acute care facilities and hospitals are MEDically oriented and both have BEDs.

As a hub liaising between hospitals and post-acute care facilities listing avenues for patients and facilitating them from A to B, I felt a more appropriate naming motif was an airport. With health care at the crux, I came up with the moniker Careport.

With this foundation, I altered the color scheme to rich blues and purples, in part to convey a circulatory motif (like the loading the of the blood with oxygen) and also to divide the name to clearly emphasize “care.” The “o” was made into an abstraction of a hub, with four converging arrows in the negative space and a red cross in the positive space.

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