Ovuline Smart Fertility Kit


Ovuline uses data to help couples conceive faster and have healthy pregnancies and was incubating in Techstars in the fall of 2012, when they came to me with the challenge of creating a temporary look for labeling the items in their fertility kit while they were transitioning to a a more elaborate re-branding to initiate after fundraising at the end of the Techstars program.


The task involved everything from making labels for fertility vitamins and lubricant bottles, to designating an inventory chart of box contents and an insert diagram of the Ovuline workflow (pictured) from product purchase to couples with twinkles in their eyes to eventual newborns.

My concept was to have a flat-design dominated by only two colors, blue and pink, with grayscale filling in the gaps. Thinking of the process as a journey with nodal stops along the way, I drew inspiration from the Boston MBTA subway maps as well.

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