Pyramidal Magnetic Gameboard


A high school art challenge was to design a game board—and faced with this challenge I wanted the form and shape of the board to add to the experience.

Settling on a theme of snowboarding, I created a board that would fold flat into a triangular box, but stand and clasp into a pyramid during use. The board was coated with magnetic paint beneath the top layer with the spaces outlined, such that the clay pieces with magnetic strips could traverse the slope from top to bottom.

The players choose a course to start, corresponding with the measures we use for actual slope difficulty: green circle, blue square, and black diamond. The black diamond trail has the fewest number of spaces, so quicker to the bottom, but features an increased number of hazard spaces that may set the player back. On the other end of the spectrum, the green circle trail is the slowest to the bottom, with the greatest number of spaces, but it also has less hazard spaces to encounter. When landing on a hazard space, the user draws from a deck of cards that denote just what challenge is in store for them and how it may stall or set them back.

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