Note: Beeswax remains password-protected for now to abide by the terms of most film festival submissions. For viewing options, please contact Cristoforo at

After a cherished heirloom breaks, a grandfather and granddaughter must accept the deeper loss that binds them in order to restore music to their lives.

Beeswax is a short film that emerged from memories of childhood experiences with my grandfather, my father’s accordion practice (he composed the score and cameos in the film), and also through visits with a number of farmers, beekeepers, and accordion repair professionals.

The logo for the film I designed while refining the script, not only to be used in a promotional capacity, but also as part of my thought process to get to the essence of the story. The intersection of bees and accordion, overshadowed by heartbreak, are the three elements that rose to the fore in thinking about the story.

Beeswax was shot entirely in Austin, TX with support from The Russo Brothers Italian American Forum, The National Italian American Foundation, Italian Sons and Daughters of America, and Anthony and Joe Russo.

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