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The goal of the project (ongoing) is to tell the stories of entrepreneurs and innovators who are struggling to create companies and jobs in the US. As immigration reform goes through Congress, this issue becomes critical in shaping the future of the United States.

When many think “immigration reform,” they think undocumented workers. While this is a large part of the discussion, we must also look at the part of the equation in which students and entrepreneurs come to the United States to generate research and create jobs. The current system often impedes this process following graduation from U.S. schools.

By sharing these stories of entrepreneurs alongside the views of policy makers, we aim to create awareness about the current system, and engagement about the need for reform. This documentary and web-series will be informative—describing and clarifying the reform process while maintaining an understanding of the deeply human nature of the issue.

This is more than statistics, numbers, bullet points on a list or sound-bites from the media. Help us show the lives, aspirations and achievements of innovators and the path they take to creating the next Intel, Yahoo, Google, and eBay.


about the logo

The logo is intended to convey the notion of people left to wait outside a door. Being this figurative door is the opening of the United States to immigration, it has a very large keyhole, which stresses the need for Congress to draft the proper set of keys such that there is a better process to unlock it. The figures are armless, in part for gender neutrality, but also because the film targets entrepreneurs in particular, the trailer was launched alongside the hashtags #imigration innovation or #ii.

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